Mariah Alexandra


Hey beautiful people.

My name is Mariah, and welcome to my blog! Some of you may know me as whatsmariahupto on instagram, and this is a space where I talk even more about things. I know. Shocking. Who even knew I could talk anymore than I ALREADY do?

I started my brand on the interwebz a few years back, and have never been more happy about it. I started off on Youtube, creating makeup tutorials and posting pretty makeup videos online. That was the first year of university for me, quite a confusing one at that.

While being extremely passionate about makeup, I grew up being very athletic. I joined the gym at the university I went to, and naturally I was in a full face of makeup because I’d get up super early to film a video and use my school time to edit it. That was when I developed a passion for fitness.

When I started to post fitness pictures and videos on my instagram page, I got really good feedback from it. So I continued, and kind of put the makeup tutorials on the back burner. I guess you could call me your all-in-one platform for a little bit of everything.

I took about a year off posting on Youtube, or actively posting about anything “relevant” because I really needed to take some time for myself. I, in my absence have learned the importance of self love, and doing things for the right reasons.

Without rambling too much, I just wanted to say that I’m here, and hopefully to stay.

We’ll figure out the rest as it comes.

Thanks for tuning in, feel free to message me if you have any questions at all.



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