What’s Mariah Up To?

To those of you that have been following me on social media for the past, well- 2 years apparently… (That’s how long I was told (by my fun friend the-analytics-page) that it’s been since I’ve posted on this thing) You know that a few months back, I swapped out my social media handles from @mallexandra to @whatsmariahupto 

I was going to swap out my domain,  but I have about 500 business cards with this website written on them, and I’m already going to have to deal with the wrong handle on them so I’ll save that headache for another day.

I didn’t think much of it at first but after a few weeks mis-typing the wrong handle into people’s phones when i’m “networking” and “socializing” , but I realized at that point that I had (sort of) embarked on a journey of rebranding who I am on the interwebz.

Not that my name particularly signified that I was only able to post one type of content, but because I started off as a makeup channel, and then a self-proclaimed health “youtuber”- people always associated that handle with one of the two categories of content. Whereas now, when I answer the philosophical  question that is “hey, got an instragram account” I answer with “whatsmariahupto” and people almost always giggle. They think it’s cute, and clever. I don’t think anything I ever do is clever, but apparently people think this is lmao.

It’s a handle that is almost always read as a question, and I feel like I can post content that will resonate with my followers. Because of something as minor as an instagram handle.. which is really funny when you think about it. Now enough rambling, let me get you caught up to my rather boring ass life.

  • I’ve been in a really weird place with my training and nutrition. It’s something I know I need to change, because I miss how I feel after I have a really good session at the gym. I started up a new job combo (yes, combo cause I work pretty much full time at one job and part-time at another) and I have yet to figure out what I feel comfortable doing in between my shifts to stay active. I want to start up yoga but I’m also nervous as hell about it cause my flexibility is out the window since I stopped dancing 5 years ago.
  • At the same time though, I’ve stopped obsessing over how I look. I started training and I would immediately have a photoshoot in the changeroom while my muscles were all still pumped up and swollen making me look jacked af… But that mentality is so unhealthy. I’m a creature of habit and I know that I would start to obsess that way again. Unlikely that it’ll be to the same extent but, to some extent I find that I’ll start training for the wrong reasons again.

I follow a lot of people that train and you’d never know, because they don’t do it to look a certain way, just to keep themselves active and their hearts healthy. My muscle definition’s practically all gone, and I’ve gone up a few pounds but I just don’t care. Or maybe I just tell myself I don’t care but I really do ????????

surprise surprise, i’m still confusing as ever.

  • I have a feeeeEeeew more tattoos than what I think you remember, and they’re not stopping any time soon lmao, sorry mama. But, I have a quarter sleeve done and a few other little ones and I’m obsessed… Maybe I’ll make a post on what the meaning behind my tattoos are but for now here’s some pics of my masterpiece in progress  (all done by the one and only @flipsbsc

  • I am a blonde human. I know. WHAT? Like Mariah, who have you even become ???? I’ll make a post on my hair transformation because that’s an entire post in itself but, here’s my head. It’s not brunette anymore. ok. moving on


  • I started another instagram page @whatsmariahdoing – It’s same same, but different from my main page but it’s definitely more structured, and more for food posts and photography whenever I get the time to whip out my camera and actually take in what’s around me… Which I think might slow down cause it’s starting to feel fricken cold out and aint nobody got time to walk around in the cold. I hate the cold. That hasn’t changed lmao.

Honestly, I don’t want to ruin too much because as I’m typing this, all the time I’ve missed on here, will be good content on it’s own, in time. I was co-pilot for my mom all day so I think I’m going to crash. I’m shleeeeepy.

I’ve re-downloaded wordpress on my phone, so I have no excuse anymore. I’m going to start holding myself accountable. Stop slacking like the potato i am, for once at least.

Also, what other content do you want to see from me?????? let a girl know.

i’m probably talking to one person on here. It’s cool. im living for it.

Until next time,


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