Hey guys! So today I’ve brought to you my first (of many, don’t you worry) Full Day of Eating videos! I decided to film everything that I ate this day, and looking back at it I have realized that I need to make it a GOAL to constantly try to eat all the food I need to eat all the time.

I’m a full time student, worker and still try to balance out my social life, gym life, and all the other things that come with adulthood and I think one of the (hardest) obstacles I face on a regular basis is eating regularly and constantly staying hydrated. BUT! have no fear, we got these videos now so I’m gonna have to be held accountable… right?

BEFORE WE START, keep in mind that these macros are only approximate. I may use things that I don’t track (like oil, butter, milk and sugar and stuff for my coffee etc) So the macros I’ve shown you are solely based on the food and stuff I talk about in the video. I’m still trying to figure out what my body needs in terms of macros to have enough energy to last me my long days, but not have the intuitive eating habits of a lion. ya feel?

MEAL #1 is Breakfast. I take:

1 full egg

1/3 cup (80 mL) Kirkland Egg Whites

Ciabatta Bun


and that adds up to about

367 Calories

56g Carbs

6g Fat

23g Protein

I would say that this is a pretty standard breakfast for me, any time I have the TIME to sit down and have some breakfast before school or work or whatever, this is usually what I eat. It’s pretty bomb.

MEAL #2 is what I consider to be my first snack. If I’m running late, I’ll whip up the egg & toast combo and sandwich-ify it (yup, I did that)- and though I edited it out of the video, I usually always drink my smoothies out of the magic bullet mug. The lid screws on and it’s so easy I could die.

I take: 70g Mango Chunks

1 whole Banana

30g Whey Protein

200mL of Orange Juice

70g of Peach Chunks

and that comes out to around:

348 Calories

56g Carbs

1g Fat

30g Protein

I love my smoothies. Usually my motto is the uglier the better because I like to add spinach to it, and other weird looking things and making it look like the least aesthetically pleasing thing out there… I may try to make them look hungry for the videos, but I make no promises.

MEAL #3 is my Tuna Salad. I’ll be honest here, I HATE tomatoes. Reason why that’s relevant is because I semi-stole this recipe from my sister… But I subtracted about half the ingredients she uses so it’s acceptable…. right? After this video, I realized how low carb this meal is, so for those of you that need a lower carb intake, maybe you can use this in your meal regimen! The fat content is pretty impressive too. Go Mariah oh yeah

I took: 131g of Albacore White Tuna (That was the “drained weight” listed on the can… I didn’t actually weigh it but hopefully I drained it enough for that to be accurate) and 168g of cucumber. I have had this meal so many times in the past and I love it every time. I still giggle at the fact that I like tuna… I guess I can tell you guys that story another time 😉 I usually like to eat this meal right away because soggy cucumbers are gross. No bueno. Tried it once, regretted every last moment. It was awful.

This meal gives you: 151 Calories

6g Carbs

3g Fat

28g Protein

MEAL #4 is CEREAL!!! I love cereal almost as much as Emily Hayden likes her protein ice cream and her Icon Meals popcorn toppings lmao. I think this was the first time I ever came near weighing out my cereal but I did it… for tha vlog.

This meal is in no way shape or form healthy. Like. Whatsoever. But I was tired and was craving sweets and I just couldn’t help myself.  This Edge Protein Cereal (with 2% milk) , and Starbucks Chocolate Chip cookie combo weighed out at a whopping *drumroll*

700 Calories

94g Carbs

24g Fat

25g Protein

So yeah, like I said… Don’t use that one. I needed to show it however because that’s how I eat sometimes. I used to DRASTICALLY under eat, not for any particular reason but it happened and that’s the reality of the situation. But i love cereal. So great. Could easily have it for every meal.

And LASTLY, Meal #5 is my pizza. So the pizza itself didn’t have the calories listed on it, but considering I knew what the base of the pizza was, I went online and made my guestimations from there. This Pizza has:

Ground Turkey



(and the dough and the sauce and everything else etc etc) and knowing what I put on it, I guessed that for the amount of the pizza I ate (half lol) it would have weighed in at around:

400 Calories

24g Carbs

16g fat

20g Protein

And that’s that!! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, don’t forget to take advantage of the downloadable recipe card that I made for you! I’m going to try making them for as many posts as humanly possible. I would love for you guys to check out the video and show it some love, and until next time- I LOVE YOU!!!

Find the Downloadable Recipe Card HERE!


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