Milani Conceal & Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation & Concealer | First Impression


So today’s video/review is all about the (New?Ish?) Milani Conceal & Perfect 2-in-1 foundation. I had come across this foundation through social media- the moment that I found out that there was a potentially half decent foundation out there for only $10?! Sign me uppppp. (Well, $10USD, it ended up being about $12CAD for me but same shit different bucket.)

I think maybe Lustrelux had reviewed this first, and recently I’ve been taking her reviews pretty seriously, because she’s probably the only youtuber that I can relate to in terms of skin type and tone and whatnot. But she said it was an alright foundation so me being the loyal subscriber I am to her (kidding but not really) I bought it.

The consistency of the foundation is pretty thick- doesn’t run down your hand too easily which is alright if you’re on the oilier side of the spectrum- but considering I’m dry as can be, no bueno. But looking at the claim online- the only reason the pump dispenses so abruptly is because it’s a “no mess” pump, which makes sense.

I applied the foundation on top of my usual priming regime- Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Cream, Elidel (the cream that my dermatologist prescribed me when I broke out in hives) an my Tarte Drink of H2O Skin Boost. Some people say that it’s always more accurate if you apply the foundation on bare skin to see how it performs, but  I think that’s stupid because I would never apply foundation on bare skin. On top of all of that, the foundation sits pretty nicely. I did find though- that I could have used some sort of pore minimizing primer because it didn’t make my pores look the nicest.. but that wasn’t one of the claims of the foundation so I let it slide.

I didn’t set the perimeter of my face with powder because I wanted to test just how makeup would sit ontop of it, and I was pleasantly surprised because regardless of the foundation, I always have to set my face.

The only thing that I dislike about the foundation, is that it bunches up around my nose and my chin. I have slight texture and dryness which is something that I’ve just gotten used to. The foundation, for the price I would have to give a 10/10. The only downside is that for my personal preference I would need to use a few different primers so that it would perform the way I want it to.

Thanks for tuning back in, I’m happy to continue doing first impression posts for you guys, but I’m pretty new at this first impression blogging thing so im working on it 🙂 Love you guys so much, and I’ll be back at you with another post soon 🙂

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