BLOGMAS DAY 2: Liquid Lipsticks

Hey there lovely people aaaaaaand welcome back. I know I totally told you guys that I would have a blogpost up every day, but if you don’t know me very well- I have the shittiest luck when it comes to things popping up in my daily life and fucking me over so here I am… giving you like 5 days worth of blogposts in one day. YIPEE. So today we’re going to talk about some liquid lipsticks.

I have never felt more of a hate towards a makeup item when it comes to lipstick, but a few years back when Anastasia released the first round of liquid lipsticks (don’t quote me on that…ok?) my life changed for the better to be quite honest with you. So speaking poorly of liquid lipsticks is hard for me, and even though there are amazing liquid lipsticks that I’ve tried along the way.. There are the shitty ones.

Liquid lipsticks to me are a game changer- they’re the product that you can apply and forget about and not have yourself look like a complete idiot. I, however still manage but I have familiarized myself with some formulations that simply do not work. The ones that I dooooooo like however, will be posted on my channel in a few weeks as a part of my third annual Best of Beauty favourites video. You can catch the one I posted last year right here.
I wanted to talk about are the Sephora Collection Lustre Matte lipsticks. It’s actually to my understanding that they have reformulated the liquid lipsticks and re-released them (once again, don’t quote me on it) and I actually just watched Casey Holmes do an entire lips watching video on the matter which is pretty cool. You can watch it here. But I’m gonna chat about the formulation that I’m familiar with- and that most of you may or may not have already in your collection.
The reason why I have an issue with these lipsticks isn’t really all that serious, I just enjoy a liquid lipstick to have the ability to dry down completely to the touch and these ones just don’t. When I purchased mine, it was probably about a year ago and to me all other reputable brands hadn’t become accessible to me. I mean they were accessible to me but I generally like getting brands that are available through Sephora on there because of that free, fast shipping life. There weren’t too many options in terms of colours which is probably intentional so they could see if that product would work in the liquid-lipstick-loving market and it totally did. I’m not too familiar with them much any more just because I tend to purchase lipsticks that I know I’ll love buuuuuuuuuuuut here we are. I just looked online on and noticed they’re on sale too. Obviously things to on clearance after I’ve bought them, right?
But that’s all for now, I’ll make sure I’m a little less shitty with posting everyday from here on out. I get to film tomorrow so make sure you stay tuned for that 🙂

All the love,

Mariah  💕

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