I’ve had a bit of a struggle trying to formulate ideas for what I want to be writing for this little series of mine but, I figured I’d do what I do best- wing it and hope for zee best. Today, we’re going to talk about foundation. It’s been an interesting year in the foundation game for me- I needed to somehow use the stock pile of Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation that I had, stocked up from the year before- But there were so many foundations that luckily worked out to my favour.

The Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation… I honestly don’t even know where I want to start with this guy. In high school, I used the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation like it was no one’s business. I didn’t know much about makeup back then, but I did know that that foundation last me through countless hours of dance recitals and competitions so it was a win in my books. The texture and consistency between the who foundations are suuuuper similar so that’s what convinced me to pay the $18CAD for it… big mistake.

I feel the biggest issue I have with this foundation is the lack of variety in tone throughout their range. All the shades they have are WAY too pink, and the darker shades have nothing but red in them. I usually don’t care much for a foundation to match my skin colour because if it’s too dark I can use one of my really light concealers to make it work or bronze alot if it’s too dark. All of the shades were a bust, and even the shade that I bought wasn’t an 100% match for my liking.

Another thing that drew me to this foundation’s interest was the Dream Velvet Matte claim. Somewhere on the back of the bottle, it claimed to have “moisturizing” properties which are 1000000000% bullshit claims in my opinions. Usually I’ll load up on moisturizer when I’m using a matte foundation, but there was nothing that made this any less matte than my other extra matte foundations. Keep in mind that this is just my experience, because I had such high hopes for it. I always am so hopeful when drugstore brands come out with new and innovative foundations because whoooooo has the time and money to invest on foundation every month. Between loving makeup, having a youtube channel, working at Inglot and being broke- I can’t afford dishing out $50 every time my foundation runs out. *Looking for foundation sponsors from drugstores pls and thank you TYSM* 

I purchased the foundation for the sole purpose of filming a first impressions video, and i remember putting the foundation on and looking in the mirror and pulling one of those “oh, maybe i can make it work” remarks that I say way too often. But the second I looked in the viewfinder… GREEN. I looked so green I immediately wiped that foundation off and put something else on. My younger sister has many more pink undertones than me especially in the winter months when we’re both pale motherfuckers, so this foundation would be ideal for someone like her.

To say that 2016 was a big year in the foundation world would be an understatement. I generally turn to Jamie Paige Beauty, Desi Perkins, Mariah Leonard and Kathleen Lights for foundation recommendations. Because all of these lovely ladies make the most genuine and informative review videos and I could recommend them to anyone that asks for them. Any day. But if I’ve gotten anything from this year’s best sellers- dry skin doesn’t agree too well with: ABH Stick Foundation, Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation or Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Which is hilarious because I own the Double Wear Foundation and it’s probably a million years old. It was just too expensive to be thrown out.

Regardless, I think that’s all the babbling that I feel like doing today. I’m going to give my skin the rest of the week to rest and breathe- and all my videos will recommence next week. Monday- be there or B SQUARE.

On another note- because I’m a newb in the blogging world, do you guys like seeing pictures in blog posts? Let a sister know. Because this is definetly something I want to get better at and… yea. I hope you guys enjoyed hanging out with my wierd ass for a bit. I’ll add a thumbnail to this post too when I get around to it. anywaaaaaays.

See y’all tomorrow with another rant session. LOVE YOU!!



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