February Favourites 2016

Hey beautiful people! Thanks so much for tuning back into my blog :)Sorry this post is a little bit long, but I usually write and update my description box for the actual video but I dont know why I took so long to post this guy this time around ahah. I hope you forgive me but… it’s up right?  So, february. I didnt have a whole bunch of products to mention (or so i think) but this month I have finally decided to make a change on my favourites video in terms of the “setup” if you will. My favourites will be posted on my channel in a video; whether it be random, hair care, beauty and all the lovely things in between. But here, I’m not only going to mention the good things, but I’m also going to mention the things that I realize I dislike. If I mention something you like in my “dislikes” section, comment a way that you use it… Maybe I’m just a bit challenged and I’m using the product wrong and can give it another shot.

– Iced Venti Lemonade with a bag of Youthberry & Peach Tranquility (ITS THE BEST)
– Seagate 1TB External Hard Drive HERE  // (I bought mine from the apple store but I’ve linked the same product from best buy instead… Kind of upset considering I could have purchased it much cheaper from best buy lol)
– NuMe Silhouette Black Straightener HERE  // Currently priced at $99 USD but there are TONS of beauty vloggers with awesome discount codes- I like to use Dani Mansutti’s discount code; it’s the first person that comes to mind haha 🙂 
– Bio Keratin Volumzing Dry Shampoo HERE // I have amazon linked for you to purchase it, I believe the bottle has been changed but you can use any dry shampoo for whatever your needs are 🙂 I bought mine at winners but you can get pretty much anything on amazon.
– Purity Facial Cleanser HERE // I have the 24oz. bottle and it’s priced at 44 dollars. I’ve been using this particular bottle for the entire month and as you can see only about an 8th of the bottle is actually all used up. A pricier find but if you dont mind spending the money then I 1000000% recommend.
– Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner HERE // Currently out of stock but you can sign up for the email notification once it’s back on sephora.com. It’s an online exclusive,  but if you’re fortunate enough to be a VIB Rouge member, it gets to your house in no time FREE OF CHARGE 🙂 I mentioned how other companies have brush cleaners that are similar to these ones, comment down below if you know which companies do! I’m curious to know if there are other brush cleaners like this one.
– Koko Lashes “Goddess” HERE // I purchased this particular lash and other koko lashes styles from Lady Moss Beauty- I dont think they’re available elsewhere which is a downside but the QUALITY OF THESE LASHES OMG. I want to try the “Queen B” style aswell, but they’re always out of stock. Which false eyelashes are your favourite? Comment below 🙂
– Cover FX Creamy Concealer HERE // The shade that I mention is G Light, which stands for golden light… From trial and error I have come to the conclusion that I go for a more yellow-undertone(d? lol) concealer, for concealing the shenanigans that goes on under my eyes, but it also brightens up the area amazingly. I have G Medium aswell, but even the light shade is borderline too light on me, so hopefully the Medium shade will be useful when I’m a little more tan. 10/10
– Marcelle Loose Powder “Translucent” HERE // In the video I mention that I was unsure as for whether this powder was ACTUALLY a translucent powder, or whether it was simply a very light coloured powder that was called translucent… Decieving but I actually really like it so I ain’t mad. It’s available for both US and Canadian residents so you can buy it if you click on the link above 🙂
Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel “Espresso” HERE // I have tried the brow gel in the shade “Chocolate” but I think that I like this shade a bit more- It’s a bit more cool-toned but I really like the way it makes my brows look with dip brow on beneath it and also without anything on my brows. If you’re into the brow game, any anastasia brow product is game, truly amazing products.
Lipland X Amrezy “Montenegro” Liquid Lipstick HERE // In LOVE with this liquid lipstick. I honestly couldnt tell you a dupe for it, you’d think it’s just like any other berry-tone you own but there is something SO unique about it and I’m so happy that I FINALLY got my hands on it. And it’s in stock so get it while it’s still there!!
Outer Beauty F100 Face Brush HERE // I purchased this brush along with 3 others when I was introduced to outer beauty about 2 years ago, and since re-kindling my love for it, I realized that there are a few more products that outer beauty sells on their website and I’m eager to try them out 🙂 Let me know if you’ve ever given them a try, or which brush company is your favourite because I honestly love the quality of these brushes, and the fact that they’re a Canadian company is also a huge plus 🙂
Elf Blush Brush HERE // Honestly, this brush speaks for itself.  It’s less than 10 dollars which is a huge deal for a face brush… usually they’re no less than 15 dollars and usually factoring in the conversion after taxes from USD to CAD…………… i may aswell figure out how to apply my makeup with my fingers lol. But I found my elf blush brush at the Canadian Superstore, but if you’re one of my American lovelies, I’m positive you can find these brushes everywhere.
Diana Saldana – https://www.youtube.com/user/SaldanaD…
Gina Shkeda – https://www.youtube.com/user/GinsMakeup
Sony a5100 Camera (omg my baby) LETS START TO TALK ABOUT THIS BRUSH OH MY. The amount of time that I’ve been eyeing this brush is actually quite ridiculous to be honest with you. Ever since my favourite instagrammers and youtubers started using these cameras for STUNNING makeup photos, I have wanted one. I thought to myself though; what difference is it than the pictures that my DSLR cameras can take… 1. It’s 37487364873624X lighter than my DSLR (I usually carry it in my bag if i ever need to take a selfie or take a picture of a product before I use it… just because) 2. It’s much cheaper than your usual DSLR, and it takes quality videos aswell, there’s the autofocus option that I dont have on either of my two DSLR cameras.

The whole products-I-disliked idea only really came to me at the end of the month, so the only thing that REALLY stands out to me is one thing. I purchased the Cera Ve Undereye Moisturizer (Or whatever it’s called) for the sole purpose of not having the money at the time to re-purchase my holy grail undereye cream from Bobbi Brown, and I thought I enjoyed it alot more right when I opened it but I feel like it has done absolutely nothing with my undereyes. It may be because the Bobbi Brown one is the best and there’s nothing that could ever compare- or this product is just shitty. I’m going to continue to use it because I purchased it (It was $20 CAD and toooootally not worth all that money) but i definetly won’t be re-purchasing. -3264532654732/10.

AND THAT GUYS is the end of my February Favourites & Shit I didn’t like ! Let me know what things you liked and disliked by tweeting it to me, or heck, you can even send me an email I just want to know ! Make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel and repost this blog, and there’s another post coming your way supa soon 🙂



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