Limecrime Venus Palette REVIEW

The very first time I was ever introduced to the brand, was through the countless amounts of articles  people were posting, using the Limecrime Velvetines.
I would see beauty vloggers everywhere constantly using the velvetines, and then at some point a couple of years back, I remember people tweeting about a Limecrime “scandal”. Videos about the situation were blowing up; YouTube, Instagram posts about the matter were circling the interwebs, and because the website hadn’t ever had any of my personal information or credit card or anything, I wasn’t worried about it.  It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago when Limecrime sent out an email saying that their entire website was going to be priced with IMATS prices (which are bomb, by the way), that I did a little bit of research about the matter. So supposedly, there were hackers that hacked the system, and got a hold of previous customers’ personal information and credit card numbers – and there were many people who had compromised credit cards. Now, the website claims to be safer, and much more secure about their online payment methods. That incident happened 2 years ago, and there have been so many advances in technology since then, and I hope that I am able to trust my credit card information in the possession of the cosmetic company. *heavy breathing*

I have always eyed the Venus Palette, but what stopped me from making the purchase at first was the price- I didn’t have a job when the palette was originally released, and my mom NEVER funded my makeup collection, unless it had to do with my dance makeup. And secondly, I thought that the palette was going to be limited edition… So I gave up all hope in owning the very, very beautiful palette. But a couple of weeks ago, I decided to make an impulse purchase and buy the palette at its sale price. Originally, the palette retails to about $32USD, which is about $45CAD. The Canadian dollar vs. the US dollar is killing everyone right now, which should put a cap to my spending… but it doesnt (oops). Luckily, after shipping and taxes, I only paid about $32USD which is better than nothing in my books.

The palette in its entirety, is a warm-shadow-junkie’s dream. There are 2 shadows that have a slightly shimmery finish, and the other 6 shadows are matte shadows. From the swatches online; I thought that the entire palette was matte, but it’s always good to have some sort of shimmer in a palette, to enable the diversity of looks that you can create with ONLY that one palette.


Shades- From Left to Right

VENUS: Colour of bruised fruit AKA “Marsala” (Velvet Matte)
SHELL: Opalescent shell-pink (Glow)
AURA: Pearlescent ivory (Glow)
CREATION: Rust brown (Matte)
ICON: Dark brown (Matte)
REBIRTH: The color of an over-ripe nectarine (Matte)
DIVINE: Dusty stone (Matte)
MUSE: Deep burgundy red (Matte)



The palette itself is a lot smaller than what I anticipated it to be. From what I saw online, I thought that the palette would be a lot bigger than what it is. The palette itself fits comfortably in my palm, which is ideal for travel. My “perfect palette” doesn’t particularly need to be very slim, but I do prefer a smaller palette rather than a bigger one. It has a good mirror; nothing upsets me more than a good palette that has a horrible mirror. You’d think that you’re paying for good shadows and a good mirror too, right? Par example: The Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Palette is one of my favourite palettes ever; the shades are amazing, but the mirror and the overall packaging suck major balls. Verdict on the Venus palette packaging: 10/10

The shades are very impressive. When I was looking at the palette (and taking all these pictures) I thought that the matte shadows looked quite chalky in the pan. When I swatched all the shades, the matte ones looked very patchy on the arms, which kinda freaked me out a little bit… But I remembered that I A. Didnt swatch the shades with any sort of primer or eyeshadow base, and B. realized that some shadows are completely different when they swatch on the arm, from when they swatch on the eyes. So I immediately reversed the mini heart attack that I had and finished photographing and swatching these shades. Side note: Muse and Creation are an absolute BITCH to take off yout fingers after you’ve swatched them. Lol. I’ll take an updated photo of the shadows- swatched with some sort of base under them, to show a more realistic picture of how they would perform on your eyes. Verdict on consistency: 8/10 (Until further notice)

Overall, I can’t wait to play with this guy. I preffer more matte shadows in a palette than I do shimmery shadows, because I know that those shadows are the ones that I’ll use more frequently. I did my makeup today and used DIVINE blown up in the upper crease area, CREATION in the lower crease area, and MUSE in the outer V of the eye; Paired it with a winged eyeliner and some mascara. I have been testing out some new drugstore products that I purchased, so if you want to see a video of all the products in action- let me know!

As always; Thank you so much for tuning back in. I have finally gotten a hang of the whole “blogging” thing, and I hope to make more blog posts about the makeup that I already own . Feel free to check out my Youtube channel and subscribe , and click the links below and follow my other social media! I’m an active social media user- So I will get back to you as soon as I see the message.

Love, Always- Mariah ❤

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