I’ve had about 762387463294723 different ideas of what my first post should be about..

whether it should be

  • the typical all about me post where i ramble and ramble on and on and on about random things that people may not care about (but koodos to those who may actually care about what i ate for lunch today)
  • the review that i planned on posting about a month ago when i made the executive decision of writing a blog to go along with my youtube channel
  • a review of something other than the previous review
  • what pants im wearing right now

but here i am, writing about what i was thinking about.

im mariah… nice to meet you 

I’ve lived in Toronto my whole life, attended 4 different schools throughout my existence on earth, have two sisters, have a passion for makeup and photography and loOOOoooove food. Ive been doing my own makeup for years due to the fact that i danced since the young age of 3- but its had its good days and its bad days. As i got older, i realized that makeup wasnt only something you bought to plop on your face, but rather art. I love makeup. i love buying it, i love owning it, and i love applying it. It’s kinda making up for the fact that i have never been able to draw more than a stick person… ever – makeup makes me feel like an artist, which is why in October, i decided to start up a Youtube channel, where i post tutorials and other rambles and such.

however, i wanted to clear one thing up, i started this blog as an addition to my youtube channel, so i can be a little more active with one or the other, because believe it or not, youtubers are not kidding when they say that uploading a video takes forever. I’ll be posting on one or the other regularly, and i obviously listen to each and every single one of your requests and desires.

Have an amazing day/night/afternoon wherever you may be,

lots of love,


Mariah ♡

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